Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chocolate Covered Cake & Icing

I first tried these little yummies at a ladies church event. I was given the recipe and thought it would be so easy. Not as easy as I thought! So, this was my first attempt...
...and as they may not look as pretty as they should; they were still delicious! Next time, I will use a higher quality melting chocolate and let the cake prep longer.

You use a box cake mix of your choice and a can of icing of your choice. Make the cake and let it cool completely. Crumble it completely and mix with the icing. Roll into balls and freeze for two hours. Dip in your choice of chocolate.

"Jennydoll Ribbon Ties"

These are a few photos of "Jennydoll Ribbon Ties". I think these are so airy and summery!

The top three photos were taken by Greg Herndon.
His web/blog site is:
Be sure to check out his work!

Matching tops for these sisters!