Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chicago! We have arrived!

This weekend was spent in Chicago preparing for Jo Beth and Robert's wedding.  Jo Beth is my husband's sister.  It was a busy and fun time!  Dave and I arrived on Friday afternoon in Chicago around 1:30pm.  We unpacked and checked out the house we were staying in with  Dave's whole family.  We, all ten of us, were all going to be under one roof!  The house was amazing!  Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, living/dining area, and this huge kitchen.  The kitchen was great!  SubZero refrigerator, Wolf stove with two ovens, granite counters, big cabinets.  A dream kitchen.  The huge kitchen was really beneficial for me to prepare the flowers and for JB and I to prepare desserts in.  Jo Beth and Robert had this whole old Hollywood feel to their wedding.  She, my mother in law, and I had several errands to run and people to see in regards to the wedding.  On Saturday, I was up bright to start working on the flowers.  First, I took some time to sit out on the front steps with a mug of hot chocolate to enjoy the crisp cool air and watching the neighborhood wake up.  I had 15 centerpieces, 3 bouquets, and 10 boutonnieres and corsages.  I also had over 100 mini cupcakes to ice and decorate.  Jo Beth and I also made the Tiramisu for the wedding dessert late Saturday night after the rehearsal dinner! Which we also prepared! Everything was really good and the cupcakes were a big hit!  Jo Beth and Robert had done a great job planning the wedding and their vision but she also needed someone to coordinate their vision on Sunday.  I was glad to help do just that!   Alot of people don't always realize how much work it can be but I love it!  I needed to make sure everyone had their flowers, desserts were set and prepped, centerpieces and arrangements were set correctly, answer questions to where people and things were, and get the wedding party ready to walk down the aisle all the while feeding and holding my six month old niece. :-)  The day went by so fast but I think it all went pretty smooth and without incident.  It was a lot of work but all in all it was a lot of fun!

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Jo Beth and Robert, and may you have a beautiful and loving life together!

The flowers consisted of:
1.  Bridal Bouquet:  Red Calla lilies and ivory feathers wrapped with silver ribbon
2. Bridesmaid Bouquets: White Vendela roses, white freesia, seeded eucalyptus, tree fern wrapped with silver ribbon
3. Corsages: White Vendela rose, white freesia, seeded eucalyptus with a red ribbon
4. Groom Boutonniere: two Red Calla lilies, crimson red tuft of feathers
5. Groomsman Boutonnieres:  White Freesia, seeded eucalyptus, and crimson red tuft of feathers
6. Boutonnieres: Tree fern, White Vendela rose
7.  Centerpieces: 6-Crimson red feather picks, Tree fern / 7-Seeded eucalyptus, tree fern, White Lisianthus,  red Calla lily, bear grass
8. Memorial Bouquet: Seeded eucalyptus, Tree fern, Bear grass, White Vendela roses

The cupcakes were:
1. Dark Chocolate cake with Mocha Buttercream topped with a single coffee bean
2. Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream topped with silver dragees

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Girl's Night out!

Last Saturday was Girl's Night at my mom's.  There was a group of ten of us.  We all bring a dish and we eat together, visit, and play games.  Once again, I was in charge of bringing a dessert.  I wanted something fun and new to try.  I looked through the pantry and decided upon a smores type cupcake.  I made a dark chocolate cake and topped it with a light Mocha buttercream, marshmallows, a dark chocolate drizzle and sprinkled with cinnamon graham crumbs.  It was really tasty!  I am calling this creation "Fancy Camping".  Definitely, one to make again!

It's the Maple Family Reunion time again!

A couple of weeks ago I spent the day with my mom.  We drove up to Hannibal,  MO for the Maple Family Reunion.  It happens once a year.  Everyone comes from all around and brings a food dish to share.   This year I brought a Butter Pecan bundt cake.  It was drizzled with a Vanilla Butter Icing and decorated with orange and dark chocolate Maple leaves that I made.  We all bring pictures, eat and and reminisce.  Plus, it gives my mom the chance to visit with her father's family.  I don't know too many of them but I do recognize faces.  These faces hold the memories and faces of my ancestors.

I have been researching my genealogy for the last nine years.  It is a big undertaking but I truly enjoy it.  It is like this big puzzle that I am working on.  The great thing is when you find that one piece that falls into place and it can open up a new wealth of information.  I have appreciated all of the help that other members of my family and those who are some how connected to mine have provided.  In all of my research and findings there is this connection.  A connection to who you are and how those before you were shaped.  I can't necessarily put it into words.  I am thankful for all of those who came before me.

Flowers for my Jenny

Is what my little sweetpea told me when she came by to hang out one day.  
She is the sweetest little girl.  Ever!