Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eeks, worms!

Once again another Halloween has come and gone.  We had a good time again this year.  Dave and I spent the earlier part of the day dining at a country church.  We try to go every year to their chicken dinner.  It is sooo good!  We stuffed ourselves so when it came time to head to my  mother's for the annual Halloween get together it was hard to eat anything.  There was a lot of good food!  We had mini rye pizza, potato soup, chili, chicken salad, lime sherbert (?) punch, cake pops, and dirt cake.  I was in charge of dessert; big surprise, right! :-)  The last couple of years I have made cupcakes so this year I decided to make Dirt Cake with gummy worms.  Dessert was a hit and fit right in with our Crazy Halloween Get Together Tradition!  Can't wait to do it again next year!