Monday, March 14, 2011

Margarita Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to my mother in law, JoEllen!

This is a margarita cake that we had for dessert.  We celebrated at our home with a homemade mexican meal.  One of her favorites!  The cake had a margarita glaze over the top of it and was sprinkles with orange, yellow, and lime green sugar.  The little glass on top was to look like a margarita had spilled out over it.  Unfortunately, the glaze absorbed the sugar so the effect didn't quite work like I wanted it to.  But, all in all, it was a great meal celebrating with her and family!

*Sorry, about the quality of the picture as our camera's flash is no longer working.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little brother, Jim!

We celebrated his birthday this year with dinner at our mom's home.  She cooked a great meal and I made dessert.  This year it was Brownie Cake, which most people will call Texas Sheet Cake.  My brother is not a huge sweets fan but I know there are a few that he will eat (chocolate chip cookies, gooey butter cookies, mocha cupcakes, and cheesecake) and I try to make those for special occasions. 

This was my first time making it and I would make it again! 
Super easy and delicious!


During one of the recent snowstorms that we had, I decided to break out my sewing machine and do some mending that needed to be done. It didn't take me long to finish and feeling a little inspired I cut up a pair of pants that a friend of mine found in her attic.  They were not something that I would wear but thought they would make fun curtains. The fabric is this great european city motif. After cutting and squaring the fabric up, there wasn't much to work with, a long valance was created.  I also found this pink belt in my stash of odds n ends.  It has a cute little rose on the right that I also incorporated.

This is a nice change from the red valance that has been hanging in my work area for the past six years.

Recycling can be fun! ;-)

The Holidays 2010

Here it is 2011 and I am finally getting around to finishing up 2010!  Yes, I have been a bit busy! :-)  

Dave and I decided that this year we would make all of our Christmas gifts.  It was an undertaking but one we really enjoyed.  We forgot to take photos of everything we did but we hope that everyone enjoyed their gifts.

Here photos are of the painted flower pots that I gave away as gifts. 

We also made our annual goodies to give away and I forgot to take pictures!!! Ugh!  The bags were really fun.  We bought plain brown paper gift bags with handles and glued a victorian themed christmas picture to each bag.  The bags were filled with Triple Chocolate Cake Pops, Chocolate covered Cherry Cake Pops, Gooey Butter Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Blueberry-Cranberry-Pepita-Pecan Oatmeal Cookies, Butter Spritz Cookies, Almond Spritz Cookies, and Molasses Cookies.

Here's a picture of my first ever pumpkin pies that I made!  They were my mom's recipe and tasted wonderful!  I also made home made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.  Yummy!