Friday, April 8, 2011

"Let's all go to movies!"

 It's birthday movie time!  My sweetpea decided that this year's birthday was all about the movies.  She wanted a red carpet, balloons, and fondue!  Her mother and I brainstormed over coffee one day and came up with the following ideas: a red carpet made of felt, gold mylar star ballons, red and purple latex balloons, the menu, and the favors.  Sweetpea and her friends had a blast!  They were treated to pizza fondue and then for dessert: chocolate fondue with strawberries and pound cake, and lastly popcorn cupcakes.  They watched "The Princess Diaries" with home popped popcorn in their retro popcorn holders and drank 7-Up with cherries in it!  They decorated their on gold stars to hang on the Wall of Fame while listening to some fun tunes!  The favors for the girls were so much fun to put together.  They each received a retro plastic popcorn holder with a mini bag of microwave popcorn, movie theater candy, pen, picture frame, plastic mardi gras type necklaces, and popcorn cake pops.  The cake pops I made with a cherry cake and icing dipped in a white chocolate and decorated to look like a popcorn bag with popcorn.  Sweetpea loved these!   My cousin and I were wishing we were "invited" to the party so we would have received one of the favors! :-)

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