Friday, April 8, 2011

oooh la la!! Desserts!!

Photos taken from the Birthday Dessert Party that I hosted for my mother, Carla. 
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Every year I wonder what sort of gift I would like to get my mom and I always end up at the thought of a party.  My mom is a busy woman and never seems to have the time to plan big get togethers with her friends.  She is a social person and has many wonderful friendships.  This year I wanted to do a dessert party since two years ago I hosted a dinner party for a small group of her friends.  This allowed me to be able to include more people.  

I had been thinking of a French Pastry Shop theme.  My dining room is already decorated with European themed pictures so the theme was perfect!  I wanted to create a fun whimsical relaxed feel for the ladies to socialize in.  I found this great little shelf at a garage sale that was free and used it as my main backdrop for the table.  I featured jars of decorating sprinkles and sugars and some of the artwork my husband painted for me.  The paintings are of poppies, sunflowers, lavender, and a grove.  I used tealight candles and a few vases of flowers to match the color scheme.  The invitations, napkins, decorations, and favors featured reds, pinks, and cupcakes. 

I prepared a lemon cheesecake, almond cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, cherry gooey butter cookies, rice krispy treats, cherry cake balls, dark chocolate cupcakes with a mocha buttercream, tiramisu, and the birthday cake was a pineapple layer cake with fresh lemon buttercream topped with toasted coconut.  The drinks featured were: hot tea, regular coffee, and chocolate truffle coffee.  I also served a chocolate raspberry creamer which the ladies went crazy over with the chocolate truffle coffee! 

The favors were: a devil's food cupcake with a pink buttercream flower design, notecards, pencil, and wildflower seeds.  I made the little birthday banner, welcome banner, and the hanging decorations on my computer and saved some money buy not having to buy them and was able to be more creative!  The best deal was the invitations which really set the theme.  They were plain do it yourself wedding programs that I found on clearance.  I separated  the papers inside and kept the extras to use for another party in the future.  I had to buy envelopes to mail the invites but that was also a bargain since I found those on sale too!  I used items that I already owned for the decorations.  I also found a great deal on craigslist for two of the cake stands.  It seemed that the party was destined to be planned from the get go!!

This party was a delight to host!  I sooo enjoyed seeing my mom's face as well as her friends when they walked in and saw all the desserts!  I think it was a fantastic birthday celebration for my mom and one she will remember for awhile!  

What will next year's theme be?? Hmmm....I guess I had better start thinking! :-)

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zerry ht said...

Glad to know about this party. Recently, arranged a desert party by inviting my family and friends at one of the excellent Seattle venues. Arranged good table centerpieces for this event and everyone liked these arrangements a lot.