Monday, April 4, 2011

tied up in knots...


What does this bring to mind?

For me, it used to be a "little old lady" sitting in a rocking chair with two knitting needles and a ball of yarn.  This was my idea of it until I tried my hand at it.  It actually is somewhat fun.  When I say "somewhat" that is depending on what sort of knitting you are doing.  I taught myself the basic crochet and enjoy it.  Next up, knitting.  The kind with the two long chopstick looking needles.  I was lucky to find a knitting group that my mother's good friend started with her daughter.  Carol is a patient person and taught me how.  It may take me an hour to do 30 stitches but, by golly, I can do it!  This sort of knitting became a little more like work to me instead of an enjoyable activity so when my close friend, Carrie, told me about loom knitting I was intrigued.  Carrie's mother started this and taught Carrie, who in turn, taught me.  I have since then taught my mom, sister in law, and another friend's mother how to do this.  I caught on quick and can enjoy it while watching tv, or having a conversation with a friend.  In fact, Carrie and I spent part of winter hanging out like two "little old ladies" knitting!  We often joke that we are definitely old now!  :-)  Which by the way, I am not!!

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