Friday, April 8, 2011

Up for auction!

 "Slumber Party: Girls Only".

 These photos are of the donation items that my husband I donated to one of our nieces school auction.  The money will help with education.  The "Slumber Party: Girls Only" has all the necessities for hosting a sleepover.  Cupcake mix, icing, glitter finger nail polish, glow bracelets, cupcake liners, pencils, notepads, travel toothbrush and paste, popcorn, banner, and a craft project.

The "Family Night" contents are: popcorn, movie theater candy, mini 7-Up cans, four small popcorn holders, one large popcorn holder, UNO card game, and a banner. Just what you need to have a family night!

We also donated two sets of note cards.  One set features copies of the paintings my husband did for me.  The second is a set of thank you cards that I created.  We hope these will fetch a good price at the education auction!
"Family Night"
"Scenes from a Tuscan Countryside" & "Thank You, Thank You"

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